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Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacture In India


Blood Bank Refrigerators is a most versatile unit for Blood Bank. The inner chamber is made of Stainless Steel sheet and outer of PCRG sheet duly powder coated. Unit mounted on iron frame with castor wheels for easy mobility. The temperature is maintained between 4˚C to 6˚C with forced air circulation ensure uniform temperature for storing Blood bottles or Blood bags. Temperature is controlled by Dual Display Microprocessor PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller. Audio/Visual Alarms triggers in the event of temperature fluctuations. Unit is also fitted with Door Open Alarm & Power Failure Alarm as safety devices.

Highly efficient Refrigeration unit is housed on the bottom. Two doors are provided. Inner door is transparent made of Plexiglas for viewing inside the chamber. Drawers are provided for holding bags. Work on 220Volt A.C supply.

Capacity                                             No. of Blood Bags                                          

85 L                                                                        50 bags                                                                                           

165 L                                                                      110 bags                                                                            

200 L                                                                      180 bags                                                                               

280 L                                                                      250 bags                                                                             

400 L                                                                      360 bags                                                                              

Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacture In India